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Welcome to St. Aloysius college, Pilibhit

Welcome to St. Aloysius college, Pilibhit

Principal's Message

Rev. Fr. Shaji Christopher

I feel proud to announce that St. Aloysius College is rendering value based education inspired by the teachings of Jesus Christ. The thrust is to help children understand life as special call from God. This renowned institution was established by Catholic missionaries in the year 1979. From then on words, it has been engaged in Character building and on national integration, including patriotic spirit and a secular outlook. The educational institution like ours cannot afford to be merely competitive, but it prepares the pupil for a competitive society to shoulder responsibilities as worthy, patriotic citizens to build up our nation known for Peace, non-violence, equality and integration of all people into one human family.

St. Aloysius College has proved this all along and engaged in building up a human society where discipline and hard work are promoted. At the same time high moral, ethical and religious values are upheld. Today, world is changing so rapidly, children of today need a lot of diversified data as a part of their curriculum. They need to be given a wider choice of subjects and topics. we need to keep pace with rapidly changing media and technology. The future generation of our country depends on the type of methodologies we use, or values we impart to them through our education .The teaching profession due to this has become more tough and challenging. To reduce these kinds of hurdles, We the ALOYSIANS ARE LAUNCHING A SCHOOL WEBSITE.

It's my earnest desire that parents, teachers and learners actively collaborate in achieving the standards of learning that will equip our students with the process of learning skills, in a 21st century context, through a 21st century content and achieved through 21st century tools. The Parents role is as important as teachers. I always appreciate and thank the extended ALOYSIAN family, the Parents for your wonderful co-operation and support. I also request all our Ex. Aloysians to keep in touch with your College and give your valuable suggestions and guidance to your younger Aloysians.

Rev. Fr. Shaji Christopher (Principal)

St. Aloysius College, Pilibhit

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