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Welcome to St. Aloysius college, Pilibhit

Welcome to St. Aloysius college, Pilibhit

Disciplinary Measures

Strict regularity, implicit obedience, courtesy in speech and the conduct, cleanliness of dress and persons are expected from every pupil. Pupils must strictly conform to the regulations laid down in this regard.

All pupils must possess a copy of the college calendar which is to be brought on all working days. Pupils must speak English on the college premises. Pupils are not allowed to visit Staff-Room. Articles found in the college are to be handed over at the Principal’s Office. Fines may be imposed by the Principal for irregularity, indiscipline for damage to the college property. No collection of money for any purpose whatsoever is to be made without the previous permission of the Principal.

Any kind of damage done to the college property must be compensated. No books, news papers or periodicals must be brought to the college without the Principal’s permission. The college authorities do not hold responsible for a student’s loss of money, books, or any articles of clothing etc. They are expected to look after their own belongings very carefully. Pupils are responsible to the college authorities not only for their conduct in the college but also their general behaviour outside. Any reported or objectionable conduct on the part of the pupils make them liable for disciplinary action.

The Principal may punish a student in a manner suited to the offense e.g.: by detention after the College hours, by corporal punishment or by expulsion from the institution without justifying his/her action. All pupil must take part in drill and outdoor games. Students who can’t do so on grounds of health should produce a proper Medical Certificate. Mobile phones and two-wheeler are strictly prohibited inside the School Campus for all pupil.

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