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Welcome to St. Aloysius college, Pilibhit

Welcome to St. Aloysius college, Pilibhit

Practices Forbidden in the School

  • Students are not expected to give any gifts to the teachers without the knowledge and consent of the Principal.
  • Students are not allowed to indulge in any commercial activity in the school campus that involves money, promotion of any product or company.
  • Do not bring or sell tickets, distribute notice or collect money in the school without the permission of the Principal.
  • No literature (including periodicals and comic books etc.) other than the text books or library books may be brought to the school premises.
  • Students found with depraved books or pictures or found lending them to others are liable to be expelled from the school.
  • The students shall not bring to the school any object liable to cause disturbance in the school such as crackers, water pistols, transistors, electronic gadgets including cameras, mobile phones I pods etc.
  • The students are not permitted to wear jewelers, or to bring valuable articles. Each child is responsible for himself/herself up on what ever belongings brought in the school. Do not bring any hazardous objects that may cause injury to others including razors, blades etc.
  • Campus politics or an election under political color is strictly forbidden. However, the school leaders and the office bearers will be either appointed by the Principal or elected as per the procedures promulgated by the school authority. Any activity or campaign under any political party is strictly prohibited. Running, playing, shouting and whistling inside the school building is never allowed. Students are not permitted to apply mehandi, nail polish etc.
  • Students of LKG to standard IV are not permitted to wear wrist watches.

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